Closing Made Simple.

K Title Company was established by Kolter Financial Services for the purpose of providing customers with an exclusive transaction settlement service that is competitively priced and focused on providing customers with an unparalleled level of service. Closing on the purchase or sale of your property can be a complicated and often stressful experience. The experts at K Title Company have spent years streamlining the transaction settlement process in order to provide customers with a seamless closing experience and most importantly, peace of mind.


K Title Company controls the transaction on behalf of both the Seller and Buyer and we are responsible for protecting the interest of both parties to the transaction. To that end, we perform the following functions:


Get the Facts

We search the title history of the property for any potential conflicts or issues. Once we are satisfied with our assessment, we issue a title commitment/policy insuring the new owner's interest in the property.

Do the Work

We prepare the legal documentation necessary to convey ownership of the property. We then arrange to have these documents properly executed and recorded in the public records.

Start to Finish

We handle all of the transaction proceeds (including loan funding) and prepare a closing statement that reconciles all of the transaction details. At closing, we disburse these proceeds to the various parties to the transaction.